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20 Best Villages in the UK ​✅ Most Beautiful Places to Visit

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Undoubtedly, the United Kingdom is home to the most charming, gorgeous villages in the world. Indeed, it is filled with heart-melting villages in the UK, featuring the most beautiful landscapes. Villages in the UK are popular for their quiet streets, nostalgic shops, captivating pubs, and stone cottages. All of these things provide the best place for a relaxing short break.

Are you planning to visit the best village in the UK? Here is a list of the top 20 best villages in the UK.

  1. Portree (Isle of Skye)
  2. Broadway (Cotswolds)
  3. Portmeirion (Gwynedd)
  4. Sissinghurst (Kent)
  5. Horning (Norfolk)
  6. Tetbury (Cotswolds)
  7. Mallaig (Highlands)
  8. Warehorne (Kent)
  9. Alfriston (East Sussex)
  10. Kingham (Oxfordshire, England)
  11. Snowshill (Gloucestershire, England)
  12. Bamburgh (Northumberland, England)
  13. Ombersley (Worcestershire, England)
  14. Upper Swell (Gloucestershire, England)
  15. Muker (North Yorkshire, England)
  16. Broadway (Worcestershire, England)
  17. Grasmere (Cumbria, England)
  18. Glenarm (County Antrim, Northern Ireland)
  19. Beesands (Devon, England)
  20. Broad Campden (Gloucestershire, England)

Want to know more about the top-ranked villages in the UK? Read on to discover more about the top 10 villages in the country.

Read Also:

Portree (Isle of Skye)

Portree is one of Scotland’s most beautiful villages. It is surrounded by the hills of Ben Tianavaig to give you breathtaking views. Also, it provides an amazing backdrop for pastel-hued houses.
At Portree, you will find lots of churches, banks, cafes and restaurants. In addition, there are swimming pools and gift shops. Indeed, this village is an amazing place to explore in the UK.

Broadway (Cotswolds)


This beautiful village is dominated by the wide main street. For this reason, it is one of the best sports to check out antique shops, restaurants, and boutiques. One of Broadway’s most famous hotels includes the Lygon Arms. Most importantly, it is well-known for hosting royalty such as King Charles I.

Portmeirion (Gwynedd)

Portmeirion is the most colourful village with the romantic green hills rolling in the distance. Nestled in a forest, it is straight from a fairytale book. Do you know the unique design of Portmeirion village resembles an Italian fishing village?

Due to its charming cottages, this village is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. There is no wonder why Portmeirion ranks among the 20 best villages in the UK.

Sissinghurst (Kent)


Though Sissinghurst is a tiny village in Kent, it is well-renowned for its beautiful National Trust Property, Sissinghurst Castle. The castle’s garden is considered to be one of the best in the United Kingdom. It was designed by Vita Sackville in 1930. There are a lot of things around the magnificent village, including a school, pub, church, and white clapboard cottages.

Horning (Norfolk)

Horning is another top-ranked village in the UK that has everything you can expect from a world-class village. Some of the best things include beautiful cottages and the River Bure. This popular sailing village is the best place to relax yourself and soak up the sunshine rays.

Tetbury (Cotswolds)


Due to its antique traders and toothsome food shops, there is a lot to love in the most beautiful village in the UK. Tetbury is a perfect place for a relaxing afternoon. Also, it is the best sport to enjoy an afternoon tea with your loved ones. It is considered the garden-lovers hotspot in the UK. Most importantly, this village won a Gold Award in Bloom competitions in England.

Mallaig (Highlands)

Do you want to escape the busiest routine of everyday life? Mallaig is a perfect place located in Scotland’s romantic Highlands. It is one of the best traditional fishing villages in the UK. With its beautiful scenery, this village makes one of the must-visiting places in the country. At Mallaig, there are a lot of things to do.

Alfriston (East Sussex)


This beautiful UK village is tucked away in South Downs and the streets are lined with tea rooms, pubs, half-timbered houses, and much more. Indeed, it gives a perfect introduction to life in a Britain village. Also, this village is surrounded by the best country walks. In addition, it is home to the National Trust’s Alfriston Clergy House.

Warehorne (Kent)

Indeed, Warehorne is one of the most classic British villages you can ever visit. Regardless of its size, it hits the spot perfectly. Apart from an ancient church, there is a lot to cheer about. It is one of the charming villages in the country with a captivating Woolpack Inn pub. Most importantly, this village sits right by Romney Marsh.

Kingham (Oxfordshire, England)


Due to its vibrant community, storybook looks and wide open greenery, Kingham is considered one of the best villages you must visit. It was named “England’s Favourite Village” in 2004. No doubt, the hamlet delivers an amazing mix of charm and convenience. Also, it is filled with beautiful limestone cottages.

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