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Do you have a particular interest in business, finance, health, lifestyle or any of the other topics we cover on our site? And does it happen to be coupled with a knack for writing? Then why not share your talent with us?

Here at BriefReport, we welcome entries from guest writers in any of the categories we’ve listed below. But we also have a few guidelines for contributions to our site, and we would very much appreciate it if you would follow them.

1. We’re a very friendly team here at [site name], so we genuinely love to receive well-written entries covering interesting topics from guest writers.
2. Currently we are receiving in the realm of 50 to 60 posts, which is a lot. But we do respond to all of them because we believe in honouring the effort you’ve made to reach out to us.
3. Please respect our time and your own by reading the below guidelines to avoid pitching something we won’t be able to publish.

If the above sounds good to you, please send us your pitch to [email protected] or by the form at the end of the page.


Before sending us your pitch, please make sure the subject you wish to write about falls into one of the below categories. Our site covers a specific number of topics that we have built our reputation on and we won’t be publishing posts that aren’t in our area of speciality.

Submissions may, therefore, include but aren’t limited to:

  • Travel
  • Health & Fitness
  • Food
  • Lifestyle
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Property
  • Tech

How to Write For Us, Tutorial Content and Guides

We receive a great many submissions on a daily basis, and, unfortunately, many of them simply don’t fit our format. Here are a few examples of the pitches we’ve received that didn’t make the cut:

• How to start your own business
• The advantages of having a financial advisor
• Why you should travel to third-world countries

Please do not submit sales pitches. Here at [site name], we aim to provide useful content that readers can actually benefit from. Put yourself in the shoes of your prospect reader and ask yourself if by the end of your post you feel like you’ve gained some new insight or valuable knowledge. Have you? Then that is the kind or article we would like to publish.

What we don’t want is our readers feeling like they’ve wasted their time and have gained nothing of value after reading your post. With that said, we won’t be accepting sales pitches that merely link to your site.

Our editing team respects the time of our readers and does everything in their power to deliver quality content. And so we want to publish the posts of guest writers who also value their readers’ time, just as much as we do.

Here are some of the things that we wish to see:

Relevant qualifications. Please write on a subject that you are qualified to write about. For example, if you write blog posts for a business owner, that doesn’t give you the necessary competence to give business advice. If you’d like to contact us on behalf of a client, please work together with them both on the post and its angle.

Be creative. Please make sure your pitch is unique or at least offers a unique take on a subject that’s already been covered. If you want to write a ‘how to’ on launching an email marketing campaign, we want to know how your tutorial will be different from everything that’s already out there.

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